Saturday, March 20, 2010


So maybe the treehouse is finished?? I'm not to sure yet but I think I'll be making adjustments to it through out this week as well as working on it a bit more. Only thing is, I need to take a break from looking at it, that way I can look at it with new refreshed eyes after a day or two of not looking at it. Crits and comments are always welcomed. Also, sorry if this post has bad grammar, it's getting late and I didn't get much sleep so I'm not sure if my mind is working all that well right now. lol.... anyways, have a goo one people.

tree house update

So I thought I would give you guys a quick update on my Treehouse project for my environments and characters class at CCS. This is the color study for the project and any crits and comments are welcomed. Nothing new with me either besides feeling burnt-out from school. Hope you all have good one.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

quick update

Sprink break is over and I say it was just way to quick of a spring break. I wish I had another week but what can you do. Anyways, here is a value study for a project I'm working on. Another thing before I forget, there will be light breaking through the trees. Hope you guys all have a good day, until next time. This is Ngianhormua Yang with CCS illustration bidding you guys a good night and a good day.

And here are a few composition thumbnails I did for this piece.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sketches, sketches and more sketches

All I can say is sketches, sketches and more sketches for a "treehouse" project in class and a couple of weird ship/vehicle sketches just for the fun of it.