Sunday, September 13, 2009

school is back in session

I know i said i was gonna post some stuff that i was suppose to do over the summer but a lot of un expected things happened that prevented me from doing anything i had originally planned. And before i knew it, school had started. So its official, CCS is now back in session and i am only taking 15 credits this semester unlike the 18 i took last semester. Ive already finished the first week of classes and ive gotta say, im excited about this semester. It seems like its going to be a great fall semester for me this year. Cant wait to get some projects and drawings done, that way i can finally start posting some work for you guys to see. And to my friends that stop by every now and then on here, (choose what ever fits your situation)
best of luck to you this semester

Best of luck to you now that your graduated

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave and crits or comments youve got on my previous post as well as my future post.

Have a good one people-until the next post