Monday, October 11, 2010

Main character design process

This is the process that I used to achieve the main character's look of the game that I am doing IP development for in my senior studio class. This would be the first outfit he wears within the game and as you advance through the game and gain more experience, you will have the opportunities to achieve outfits that are more bad ass looking. The final design is still going through tweaks so when it's finished, I'll post him up.


Gitter said...

These are nice, I like that you've showed your exploratory work. With character design, when it's not turnarounds, I always think it's best to go for as natural and personality-expressing a pose as you can, this guys got a great stance and slump to his shoulders, but his arms feel really stiff. The posing in the post above this feels better. Keep up the good work man!

Ngianhormua Yang said...

Thanks for the tips and comment Ryan!! i'll be sure to keep it in mind.