Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Painting days

I am going to try doing at least one painting every couple of days and post it up during this break from school to keep me going. On another note, for the coming semester, I plan to design characters for a "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" done Dynasty Warriors style or at least for its engine for Senior Studio. So the paintings that I will be doing will revolve around medieval armors, weapons and themes with design twist to the traditional armors scene. Here is the first one which is a portrait of a helmet based on Danish Viking helmets with a bit of an "elf" design twist. I guess you could even call it a bit celt inspired.


Erik Petri said...

Hi Richie
Happy new year.
I hope you'll have a great 2011.
Nice helmet design. If you want to get more into the viking theme here is a link to the viking ship museum here in Denmark: http://vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/index.php?id=1246&L=1

Good luck with your projects and how is that comicbook comming along?

Best regards

Ngianhormua Yang said...

Thanks Erik!!! I hope you have a great 2011 as well. The comic has been put on hold for a little bit because of my senior studio class. I'm still working on the story in my spare time and thanks so much for the link.

SOFIA said...

cool blog!

Ngianhormua Yang said...

Thanks Sofia